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pinkarile: "Oh God I love him so much I need a boyfriend that is exactly 100% like him No a husband, btw I love this page ❤"

Thank you v v much! xx

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but what are the perks of being a wallflower

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bethanyjadedonaldson: "So like, I just watched the perks of being a wallflower and I'm disappointed in myself for not watching it sooner bc it was so meaningful and lovely."

Nice!! I’m glad you enjoyed the movie! Have you read the book? There are a few parts in the book that they didn’t include but the movie is still A+++ nonetheless :)

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Sea of Monsters: Stills
lil-pinneaple: "omg i'm in love with logan (*≧∇≦*) i love this page♥"


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“I respect fashion, but I wouldn’t say I’ve got a sense of style or a wide taste in clothing. I’m always in dark colours if I dress myself – black, dark blue or grey. I never dress myself for events or anything. It’s always weird, like I’m lying in a way. I’m not really being me. But at the same time I appreciate the help, otherwise I would just be wearing the same shit every day.”  ShortList Magazine 

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breakingnoisy: "Hi logan how are you :)) ♥ I love you ao much"

[sighs for eternity]

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