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     ↳11/50. “My father works at a children’s hospital and nothing makes his patients more happy when they’re going through some fucked up shit than finding out that his son’s Percy Jackson. It makes them so happy. That’s really rewarding in a way that I never thought a movie could be.”

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wolfpatronusteampeeta-and-dean: "All of those pictures of Logan for Flaunt Magazine kill me! <3 <3 :)"


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I keep the same perspective that I’ve always had. That perspective comes from understanding other people’s perspectives around the world that I have seen so far. Keeping true values like family and friends is also important. Also, I keep in mind that my real passion is movie making – the magic that happens when you go into a theater and everything that goes with it. You can get lost in the whole social aspect of being in this business, but I have no interest in it. It’s purely movies to me.

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Anonymous: "Logan is the most perfect human man in the world. No arguments."


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fxbruary23: "how can you meet logan lerman, like where are good places to go to meet him and is there a site for this? thank you :)"

Well we don’t really know where he goes on a daily basis and sometimes if you’re lucky you can even bump into him on the streets. I can’t really help you on this though! Most of the time it’s just by chance!

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I had the best gunner in the entire 9th army in that seat.

Now I got you.

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"You see this right here? That is your heartline. You are going to have one great love in your life."
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Logan Lerman Movies: VHS Effect
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