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“I just want to make sure I’m contributing good films to movie history rather than being famous just to be famous.”
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angelistic11: "Oh and I forgot.. I think Logan is good in movies where he is the leading man, but he is even better when he's actually telling the story. :) x"


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angelistic11: "I still havent read it, but I plan to this summer. :) x"

Yes! I highly recommend it :)

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angelistic11: "I know u were joking. :) But why this one? 'Cos of Logan's performance of 'cos of the movie as all? :) x"

Yes! His acting was amazing! And the movie itself was great. There are some books which turn into movies that aren’t very good but this one was PERFECT

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marinalitz: "Which logandra pic is yr fav =D"


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angelistic11: "Hey, which is ur favorite Logan movie? An congrats on being Logan's gal! :P x"

Heeey I just answered this :D lol i was kidding btw! Y’all know that hehe

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queen-your-best: "What your favorite movie of Logan?"

Perks of Being a Wallflower! :)

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mhicalovesfangirlin: "Can you give me a copy of your icon the one your using right now? And btw, I love your posts, check out my blog too. Thanks!"

Just scroll down our blog and you’ll find the b&w photoset

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Anonymous: "Does logan have a girlfriend? If so, who?"

Me 😏

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